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Updates on our lives September 14, 2008

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Long time no post, I know.  But as I have said before I am not very diligent about blogging.  I always think I will blog today and then today comes and goes and I haven’t blog about anything.  I think I make it too complicated thinking I have to get in all of this stuff when really I don’t.

School is going really well for the kids. We are at midterms this week.   I have a 4th grader, 8th grader, and last but not least, a 9th grader.  Thomas is sort of in high school.  He is in high school at church, but at school he is considered junior high still.  They keep the 6th graders at the elementary school, so the upper school starts at 7th grade.  Junior High is 7th – 9th and High School is 9th – 12th.  I am okay with that.  I sometimes think they are growing up so fast and they are.  I can’t believe my kids are as old as they are and I am still as young as I am. (HaHa)  But seriously just the other day someone asked how old my kids were and I told her and she could not believe I was old enough to have kids that old.  I was thrilled needless to say.

Guess what Thomas is doing?  He has taken his written driving test.  In Arkansas you can legally drive at 14 with an adult in the car.  Is that crazy or what?  He has to have this permit for 6 months and then he can take his driving test in a car.  So since the majority of you are not in Arkansas you can breathe a sigh of relief.  Just pray for us as we embark on yet another phase of our lives. He is doing really well at driving so far.  He has just been on neighborhood streets and a few main streets.  I am looking forward to when he can drive himself and the girls to school.  We spend at least $100 on gas each week so it will be a big break when he can drive.  Their school is in Little Rock so I drive about 60 miles a day taking and picking them up from school.

Thomas and Lizzie both have gotten braces.  Thomas has had his about a month and Lizzie got hers last Thursday.  Emma Grace will not be too far behind them.  She just has to lose a few more baby teeth.  Man braces are expensive!  You should start saving now if you do not have good dental insurance.  Since Tom is self employed we do not have the best insurance.  It was going to cost all most as much as getting the braces as to have insurance to include braces

Tom is working on his Real Estate license.  He should take the exam in a couple of weeks.  We are in the process of getting all the warehouses leased.  This is a huge praise!  We have had two empty since he took over last year.  One of the potential renters is waiting to hear on a contract so it is still up in the air.  But it looks promising.  I am helping with the company a little bit.  I am doing documentation and some office work.  I am also trying to volunteer more at the kids school.  Mostly at the elementary, they do not need too much help at the high school.

Emma Grace is playing soccer again.  Here there are numerous leagues to sign up with.  We signed up with Lakewood (which is the neighborhood we live in) again and they only have one team in Emma’s age group so she is playing with the same girls as she did last year.  They are all good friends and are awesome soccer players.  There team was a B team last year and this year they are an A team so they are playing harder teams.  So far they have won one game and tied another.  They won just about all their games last year.

We are finally getting involved in our church.  We are taking a class at church on Wed. nights called Discover Fellowship.  You have to take this class for 4 weeks before they put you into a small group.  I am taking a class on Monday nights for women new to Fellowship Bible Church and new to the Little Rock area.  We are reading the book “After the Boxes are Unpacked.”  It is a great book for anyone who has moved or will soon be moving.  I am getting to know some neat ladies that are going through all the same things I am going through.  Even though we have been here a year we really haven’t made many connections with people.  So this class is helping with that.  It’s kind of an emotional class but I think is good to get all that stuff out and share it with other people.  And when we get plugged in with a small group that will help as well.

Well that is about all that is going on with us right now.  I know you are all thrilled to know what we have been up to.  Hope you are all well.  I can’t wait until we can see you all soon.