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Constitutional Crisis October 17, 2008

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Is Obama a citizen of the United States?  Why is there an ongoing court case (Berg vs Obama) that questions this?  Why hasn’t Obama produced documentation to prove he is a citizen of the US in order to make the court case go away?  If he can produce a valid birth certificate then the matter will be closed.  The fake birth certificate on the campaign Web site and does not count. is run by the Annenberg Foundation (Obama has served on the board in the past).

This is a direct challenge of our Constitution.  Where are we headed if we do not require Obama to provide valid proof the he is Constitutionally qualified to run for President.  There is an easy solution to this crisis.  All Obama has to do is provide the proper documents to resolve this matter, Just like McCain did when he provided his birth certificate and medical records for review.

Please pass this along.  If enough people are exposed to this information, maybe the media will have to cover the story.  If Obama produces REAL proof that he is a natural-born citizen, then I will gladly shut up about this.  Until then, I believe that it is my duty to defend the Constitution of the United States.   

For more information just Google “Berg vs Obama” or “Philip J. Berg”.

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