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God is so GOOD! September 17, 2008

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Can you believe I am posting twice in one week.  I know it’s amazing isn’t it? 

Well lately I have been feeling a little sorry for myself.  I have been a little lonely here in Arkansas.  I have been emailing and Facebooking (is that a word? I just made it up) with all of you in Tennessee and it has made me miss you all terribly.  I have yet to make the kind of friendships here that I had there.  I know there will never be friends like you all.  You are irreplaceable.  We have just starting to become involved at church.  I never thought we would have taken so long to get established in a church.  But it just goes to show you how easy it is to not go to church.  We went to church but not always on a regular basis and we were church looking.  We feel God has led us to Fellowship Bible Church.  I am meeting people, but I still feel like an outsider.

Well on to why God is so good.  I was crying out to God (literally) on Tuesday morning wanting to make connections with someone.  I don’t want ya’ll to think I have no friends, just not any close friends.  I want someone I can call at the last minute and go have lunch or go shopping with.  So, last night I was on my way to a Women’s event at church and I got a call from a lady on my weight loss class and she wanted some of us to get together for lunch today.   I was thrilled to get to see them.  I haven’t seen them in awhile.  I am still going to class but they have stopped because they have lost the weight they wanted to lose.  Needless to say I still have more to lose (I have lost 65 lbs so when I see you guys you better notice).  Then, last night when I got home from church I had an email from someone in my New Beginnings Class wanting some of us to go to lunch today.  I couldn’t believe it.  Two invitations in one day.  I love that I have a God who cares enough for me to not only hear my cries, but to let me know that He loves me so much that He provided two lunch dates.  So I am off to get ready for lunch with friends and I couldn’t be happier.  I am just going to one though – the diet would not be working if I had lunch twice in one day.  We scheduled lunch with the friends from church for next week.


2 Responses to “God is so GOOD!”

  1. Laura Knight Says:

    Hey Michale. Great to read an update from you. I’m thankful for those new friends that are reaching out to you. Hope you had fun at lunch! I know I’ve shared this with you before, but I’ll never forget how kind and welcoming you were to me in our first few months at FBC. It meant so much to me. Now it’s your turn to be on the receiving end of that kindness. Tell everyone hello from us. We miss you guys!

  2. Kim Says:

    Transitions like this are hard. With us living so far from our church we don’t have the sweet fellowship time like I would want. So, I can relate! I have friends but can’t get together often…but, God is good to keep me focused on what I am called to do for now…I have to remind myself a lot, though!

    Thanks for sharing your heart and I will be praying for you!

    I’m glad you have found a church!

    Oh, and great job with your weight loss…that is so wonderful!

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