Down the Halls

Come down the Hall with Tom, Michale, Thomas, Lizzie, And Emma Grace

Life in Arkansas July 18, 2008

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I do not know what is wrong with me lately.  I want to tell you what is going on in our lives, I just haven’t.  It isn’t like I have a whole lot going on right now.  I have time to read all of your blogs, I just haven’t taken time to write my own.  But alas it has been a long time.  I can’t say it won’t happen again, so I won’t apologize and tell you I will try to be better.  I hope I will be better, but I make no promises.  So onto what has been going on. 

I got tagged by Ashley recently to come up with a 6 word memoir.  So what I finally came up with was…

     Wife, Mom, Daughter, Sister Immeasurably Blessed

I do feel blessed to be Tom’s wife and mom to Thomas, Lizzie, and Emma Grace.  I have a wonderful mom and an incredible mother-in-law (not everyone can say that).  My sister is one of my best friends.  Needless to say I have one incredible family and I know it.  Sometimes they drive me crazy but they are still all mine.  I’m sure I drive them crazy from time to time as well.  I won’t tagged any one else because I figure you have all been tagged.  If you haven’t and want to come up with your 6 word memoir then consider yourself tagged.


On to other topics of interests.  I did go to my reunion and had a great time.  I am so glad I went.  I made Tom go with me so I wouldn’t have to walk in by myself.  He was a real trooper to put up with all of that.  The 20 year was so much better than the 10 year.  At the 10yr everyone was trying to impress each other and  outdo each other.  This one was much more relaxed and people were more laid back.  I got to see everyone I wanted to see.  There were 5 of us that were always together and it was great to catch up with all of them.  What I was shocked at was the difference in some of the guys.  There were quite a few that I did not even recognize.  They had changed that much.  They were gray and had bellies.  It was just a shock that the “cool” guys that we all had crushes on were not that impressive anymore.  Tom has aged so much better than most of them.  He also said that the girls all looked older than me.  That make me feel good that I didn’t look as old as they did.  Someone the other day was shocked that I was going to my 20th reunion, she said I only looked like I was 32 or 33.  I said “Bless You” and she made my day.  I feel redeemed from the crazy lady that thought I was Tom’s mom.  So since I am older than many of you I can only encourage you to go to your reunions that are coming in the next few years.  You won’t regret it and no one will tell you that you should have lost that 50lbs because alot of them could stand to lose a few themselves.


It was great to see everyone when we were in Tennessee.  We had fun catching up with everyone.  The kids had a great time at camp whatever and Emma Grace had fun with Robyn and Emily.  Thanks for everyone’s  hospitality and always know that we would love to extend that hospitality to anyone that wants to come to see us in Arkansas.  We can go to the lake and play on the boat and the jet skiis.  They are tons of fun.  In fact we will be going in a few days to play and relax.