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The Year Was 1988… June 1, 2008

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Can I just say I am officially freaking out!  My mom called today and told me she got a call from one of my school friends and our 20thhigh school reunion is the end of this month.  I knew it was coming but not yet!  Our last reunion was in August so I thought I had a little while longer.  Apparently I was on the list of lost classmates.  Now, my maiden name was Busby and my dad’s name is Hoytt.  It’s not that common of a name – they weren’t looking for John Smith.  (By the way one of my good friends in high school was named Jon Smith.)  My parents have had the same phone number for as long as I have been alive, so I think someone wasn’t trying to hard. They couldn’t find me at the 10 year reunion as well.  Should I take this as a hint?  Why does my high school reunion put fear in my heart?  All those same fears that I had while in high school came rushing back.  Why do I feel the need to impress all those people all over again?  Don’t get me wrong I had a wonderful high school experience.  I loved most of it.  I ran with the “it” crowd, had lots of fun, and lots of great memories.  But 20 years later I am not so sure of myself.  Does anyone know how to lose 50lbs in 4 weeks?  HAHA!  I have been losing weight (35lbs) but I will not be close to where I would like to be by then.  But hopefully I will not be the only one.  I will go and have a wonderful time and see friends I haven’t seen in 10 years.  So wish me luck and I think I will go invest in some Spanx.