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Come down the Hall with Tom, Michale, Thomas, Lizzie, And Emma Grace

Puppies April 10, 2008

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Here are Ridley and Jake.  Just thought you might like to see what they looked like.  They are both Morkies just not from the same litter.  They are about a week apart.  Ridley is 4 1/2 months old.  They are loads of fun.  Only mildly destructive.  Jake just ruined a pair of my favorite Born flip flops, but other than that they are really adding alot to our family. 


Back among the Blogging World April 8, 2008

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Well, I have decided I have been away long enough.  I know you are all dying to know what is going on here in Arkansas.  I really do not have a great excuse as to why I haven’t blogged in forever.  I just haven’t.  But since I am being deleted from the blogrolls of my nearest and dearest of friends I guess I better get to blogging again.

Last time I talked I blogged I told you about the crazy lady who thought I was Tom’s mom.  Well guess what?  They will be moving into Neelie and Bobo’s house at the end of the month.  They are only renting the house instead of buying it.  They will be in it for at least a year, so I guess I will make the best of it.  I am sure she is a really nice lady, but I might still be a little bitter about the whole thing.

On to other things.  We have added to our family.  We now have 2 puppies.  We got them a couple of months ago.  They are both boys and their names are Jake and Ridley.  The dogs are Morkies – Yorkie and Maltese mix.  We are having so much fun with them.  The kids are so excited.  They have wanted a dog for so long.  They are really adding excitement to our family.

The kids are doing really well.  Everyone is doing better than I ever thought they would.  I thought the transition would take longer, but they are adjusting well.  School is going great.  They are making good friends.  Although they still talk about how they would rather still be in Smyrna.  Thomas and Lizzie have been on the Principal’s List all year which means they have made all A’s.  Emma Grace has also done just as well, they just don’t have a principal’s list at the elementary.   Emma Grace is playing soccer this spring.  It has rained here so much that she has only played two of the games.  Four have been cancelled because of weather.  Thomas is enjoying hanging out with his friends and playing XBOX during his every free moment.  Lizzie is finally a teenager and also enjoys being with her friends.

We are still looking for a church.  I know we been here 8 months and still haven’t decided on a church.  I never thought it would take us this long but it has.  We have got it narrowed down to 2.  This has been the hardest part of moving here.  There is nothing like FBC Smyrna here.  I know I shouldn’t compare churches here to what is there, but it is hard not to.   One of the churches is Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock.  This is the original Fellowship Bible Church.  It is wonderful, but really big and not close to us.  We have to drive about 25 minutes to get there.  The other church is The Summit Church which is closer to us.  It reminds us of FBC Smyrna when we moved to Legacy Drive.  It is a rather new church.  It is about 10 yrs old.  It just doesn’t have all the kids stuff we are used to.  But I know God will lead us wherever we are supposed to go.  I sit in these services and try to see where we would fit in and how we would serve. 

Tom is doing really well.  His job is going good.  I have really enjoyed having him around all the time.  He is so much more relaxed and less stressed than he was.  I have really enjoyed staying at home.  I am still trying to do things to the house.  I have my craft room left to get together.  It has been the junk room while everything else has been finding its home.  I am finally ready to tackle it.  I can’t wait to get it together so I can do something crafty.  Right now I have been working in the yard trying to get all of the flower beds under control.  Things have gotten a little out of control since no one has been living here for a couple of years.  We are making some new beds in the front of the house. 

Well I guess I have filled you in enough for now.  Hopefully you are up to date on all the goings on around here in Arkansas.  We hope to see some of you when you pass through or please feel free to come see us anytime.  We would love the company.