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Good Times and Getting Old September 8, 2007

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We had a great Labor Day weekend last weekend. We all headed “home” to Smyrna for the weekend. The kids got to go to LCA on Friday and see all their friends. All three spent time with their friends all weekend. Thomas got to go to LCA’s football game in Memphis Friday night. He was their manager last year so it was neat for him to see all the guys. Tom and I actually got to go on a date Friday night. We ate at Buca di Beppo’s and it was delicious. We do not have one of those here in Arkansas, so when we come to Tennessee we try to eat there. It is one of Tom’s favorite restaurants. Saturday night was spent with our good friends the Knight’s and the Mosley’s. Then the big reason we came for the weekend was to have Emma Grace baptized at FBC Smyrna. It was an amazing experience. Tom got to baptize her and it was beyond words. This was a day we will always remember. Here is the video.

Our dear friend Alison took some wonderful pictures of it from the audience. To see those photos go here. Thanks Alison for the great shots.

We returned home Sunday evening late. Thanks everyone for a great weekend. It was wonderful to get to see everyone.

Then came Monday, Labor Day. We had nothing scheduled that day. We decided to come home on Sunday so the kids could get their makeup work from Friday finished and so we could rest after our fun weekend. We slept in and were going about our lazy day when the doorbell rang. I had not been up to long. Those of you who know me well know I love to sleep in whenever I can. So it was pushing late morning when this incident took place. I was dressed in my best knit capris (ha-ha) and Walmart t-shirt with not an ounce of makeup on. I had combed my hair, but it was not at its best by any means. Emma goes to answer the door and runs back to me to tell me someone’s at the door. Tom is next door at our house so, it is up to me to see who has intruded on my lazy day. I get to the door and this woman is standing there and this is what she says to me:

“I stopped by the other day and talked with your son about the house down the street that might be for sell.”

Now when she said “my son” she was not talking about Thomas, but about Tom-MY HUSBAND! I could not believe what I heard. I stood there with my mouth hanging open and looking at her like she was crazy. Some how I managed to get out that he was my husband and tried to carry on a conversation with this woman. During our conversation all these thoughts were running frantically through my brain. How old did I look? Could I possibly look old enough to have a child Tom’s age? Tom’s mom looks very good for her 64 years, but could I come close to being that old? Does Tom really look that young? I know I looked bad at that point in time, but I never thought I looked that bad to be confused with someone old enough to have a 38 year old son. Someone please help my ego and tell me the woman was just crazy. Tom walked up and rescued me from this woman who couldn’t be that much younger than me. He came in and consoled me and told me she was just confused. When she came by before he had told her he was living with his mom and dad and that she assumed that’s who I was when I answered the door. I’m hoping she maybe didn’t have her contacts in or she was partially blind. Now this woman wants to maybe buy Neelie and Bobo’s house which will be two doors down from us. Do I really want this woman living by me? I think not. This is like being asked if you are pregnant when you are not. I have thought about this off and on all week. I always thought I looked okay for my age. I have always been okay with how old I am, but now I’m starting to wonder. I’m sure I will get over what she said to me in time. Has anyone ever said something to you that made your mouth hang open and your eyes bulge out of your head? Let me know. I would like to hear from others who have had similar experiences. Maybe it will make me feel better about mine and we can all laugh together.

Now onto house news. Maybe, just maybe, the house will be ready in a couple of weeks. Rest assured I will let you know when that amazing feat happens. There will be much joy and jubilation.