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Come down the Hall with Tom, Michale, Thomas, Lizzie, And Emma Grace

Update July 29, 2007

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We finally are seeing some progress here in Arkansas. The contractors came the end of last week and worked really hard. We probably have a couple more days of work and then the painters can come in. So that means I am staying here while Tom is going back to Tennessee to pack our house. The movers come on Thursday to load the truck. I really want to be there to pack, but I also need to be here to make sure the paint they are putting on my walls is right. I am hoping to come to Tennessee on Wednesday. Thomas and Lizzie really would like to go on a Wednesday night one more time. I would too. When I left almost 2 weeks ago, I didn’t think the last time I was at church was my last time to be there before moving.

We probably will not be in our house until the middle of August. Which means we will be moving in and starting school all at the same time. Not really how we wanted to have things work out, but there’s nothing we can do about it. If they get to paint this week, then next week the floors will be done. We are having every kind of floor there is put in this house. We have carpets in the bedrooms downstairs, hardwood in the entry and hallway, tile in the bathrooms, tile to be repaired in the rest of the downstairs. Upstairs there was hardwood already down, so we are having that refinished, which will take a week to get done, so that will be the holdup of us getting into the house. The movers are delivering our stuff on 8/7. We are hoping the downstairs bedrooms will be finished and the kitchen/greatroom area will be through so we can put our stuff somewhere.

Tom will be adding photos to this post sometime. I am on his mom’s MAC and can not figure out how to make the photos small where they do not take up the entire screen. So check back for updated pictures of the house and pictures of the swans.

Also, we have a dryer that we will no longer need. We bought a new one to match the washer we bought last year. The dryer is around 5 yrs old and runs well. So if anyone knows someone who needs a dryer please let me know. We need it to be picked up on Thursday for whoever wants it.


One Response to “Update”

  1. kylegoen Says:

    When you figure out how to size the photos let me know. I need help also. I am glad the house is coming along. It was great to see your family last week. I hope we see you guys soon.

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