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Come down the Hall with Tom, Michale, Thomas, Lizzie, And Emma Grace

My Quiet House June 26, 2007

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I am here in my very quiet house.  It is not very often that my house is quiet.  Usually there are any number of kids and teenagers in my house.  But tonight it is just me.  Kind of nice for a change.  Yesterday, Thomas and Lizzie packed up and headed off to CAMP WHATEVER!  Thomas was very excited and Lizzie as well.  Thomas has made me promise that after we move that I will get him back to Smyrna to go to Camp next summer.  Chris, David, and Melanie do an awesome job with camp.  Please pray for all of those who went to camp this year.  They took over 300 youth this year.  I know many lives will be changed this week.  I remember back at all the youth camps I went to and what fun we had.

Well, back to my quiet house.  Emma Grace is spending the night with a neighbor friend and will spend the day with her while I go to work tomorrow.  Tom left today to go back to Arkansas.  I actually have the bed to myself tonight!  What a treat!  Not that I do not love sleeping next to my fabulous husband every night, but once in a great while it is nice to sleep by yourself.  Tom got to be here for a week.  We had a wonderfull going away party last Thursday night.  Thanks to everyone who came.  We had a wonderful time with all of our friends.  It meant more than you will ever know.  As I have said before, we have the most amazing friends.  I only hope we can find friends like you in Arkansas.  You all have left some pretty big shoes to fill.  I don’t think anyone will ever come close.  Thanks especially to Laura and Jenny for all your hard work getting all of that together.

Thanks also to everyone who contributed to the money tree.  It was very nice of you.  If you did not get to sign the picture mat, I will have it in the Crosswalk this Wednesday and Sunday.  Please come by and sign it for us.  Earlier in the week my bunco girls also had a nice suprise with some money in a very sweet card.  The money will be put to good use in our new house.  There will be many things to buy.  I may splurge with that money and get a small flat screen TV for our bathroom.  Tom found me the most wonderful bathtub (it is an airjet and it is huge) for our bathroom and there is a spot right above it that he had wired for cable.  He knows how I love to watch tv and I can’t wait to soak in the tub and watch my favorite tv shows.  I know it’s a little extravagant but that’s my husband for you.  He’s the best!

Tom is now in business for himself.  It will all be official this week.  The company has been divided and he is now in charge of Legacy Inc.  It was named Legacy because Neelie and Bobo left us their legacy to make this all possible.  Hopefully it will continue on to be a legacy to our children as well.  Also, I can’t help but think of FBC Smyrna when I hear legacy as well.

Well, it’s getting late and my big empty bed is calling out to my to come and enter and get a restfull night’s sleep.  I want to also say a huge congratulations to our dear friends Brad and Alison who adopted  a beautiful baby girl today.  Norah, I can’t wait to meet you and you have the most wonderful parents in the world!  To see their adoption story go here.

Good night!


One Response to “My Quiet House”

  1. Alison Bynum Says:

    hope you had a great night’s sleep and get done with work so you can get over here and meet my daughter!!!

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