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Coming Home June 12, 2007

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The girls and I are back from Arkansas.  I left the boys behind.  Tom stayed to work and over see the house renovation and Thomas just wanted to stay there.  Tom thought it would be easier to keep the house clean if I did not have all the kids here.  We had a great week in Arkansas.  The more I am there,  the more God is telling me this is where He has placed us for this time.  Not to say I will not miss Tennessee big time.  We drove into Smyrna last night and I just had to question God one more time “Do we really have to leave this wonderful place?” and once again He tells me He is in control and taking me to an even more wonderful place.  I have to trust Him and fully rely on Him. 

One of my biggest concerns about moving was school for the kids and we finally found a wonderful school for them.  They will be attending Arkansas Baptist School System.  It is  a ministry of the First Baptist Church of Little Rock.  It is the one we found that is the most like Lancaster and the kids felt very comfortable there.  Emma Grace will be at the church and Thomas and Lizzie will be at their Junior and Senior High Campus about 5 miles down the road.  The only bad part is that the school is in Little Rock and a little bit of a drive.  Tom says he will help me with the drive since he will be working from home.  The school can accomodate Thomas and that is huge praise.  Thomas took Algebra I and some 8th grade classes this year so if he would have stayed at LCA, he would have been in 9th grade instead of 8th grade.  ABSS can put him in Geometry and some advanced 8th grade classes.  I feel much better about that. I wasn’t ready to have a high schooler.  We really did not want him to graduate early but to be in class with his peers.  I have to brag on all 3 of the kids.  They did very well in school this year.  They all 3 made straight A’s all year long and scored very well on their standerdized tests.  We looked at at least 6 other schools, talked about Home Schooling, and look at public schools before we found this school and felt a peace about sending them there.  We are excited to have that decision taken care of.

Please continue to pray for the house to sell.  It only showed once last week.  I don’t know what I thought would happen, but I thought it would show more than that.  It is all in His hands and it will sell when it is supposed to.

 I will end with a funny story from our neice and nephew that live in Alaska.  This is Tom’s brother’s kids.  Their names are Sarah and Nathan.  Sarah is 5 and Nathan is 3.  Jeff was giving the kids their vitamins one morning and and they were dinosaur vitamins. Jeff poured out some vitamins in his hand for them to pick from.  Sarah said “Daddy, I ‘m going to have the Tri”Sarah”tops (triceretops) vitty. ” It really was a triceretops dinosaur. Nathan, not to be out done by his big sister, picks one out and tells his dad “Well, I want the Tri”Nathan”tops vitty.”  I thought he was pretty ingenious to come up with that statement. 


2 Responses to “Coming Home”

  1. Laura Knight Says:

    Thanks for the update. We’re glad you are back and also glad that things are working out so well for you in Arkansas. See you soon!

  2. ruth Says:

    You must keep up with your blog when you get to Ar that is the only way we will know what is up with you.

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