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Come down the Hall with Tom, Michale, Thomas, Lizzie, And Emma Grace

Ready, Set, Sell!!! June 3, 2007

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Yes, we finally have a For Sale sign in our yard!  After all these weeks of getting our house ready, we have finally done it.  Although I have come to the conclusion that there is always more that can be done.  We have spent untold amounts of money and time to get it to this point.  We looked up when we bought this house and it was June 20, 1997.  So we have been here 10 years.  You can imagine some of the stuff we have cleaned out after being here all this time.   I was surprised that the men who take our garbage took everything we put out for them yesterday.  I am determined to be clutter free in our new house.  I want to be organized and not become overwhelmed at my house.  I know this will be easier since now I will be able to stay at home again.  Some advice to those of you out there who might be reading my blog.  Don’t wait until you move to get your house “perfect”.  We never did anything to our bedroom or bathroom until now.  Now it wasn’t bad by any means, it just wasn’t how we would have wanted it to be all these years.  Now it looks beautiful and we are moving out of it.  If you have the means and abilities, do it while you are still there.  In the new house,  we will have an all new master bedroom and bathroom so I am going to enjoy it very much!  It will be just how I want it.  Today Lizzie asked if our house had ever been this clean before.  I didn’t know if I should be insulted that she thought my house had never been this clean or if she was impressed with my housekeeping abilities.  Regardless everything is in tip top shape. 

Please pray for a quick sell (even those of you who are out there praying we won’t go through with this).  Rhonda Allen is our agent and has told us the market has slowed down some.   We really pray that the right family comes and loves our house.  We have had so many wonderful memories here that I would love for a family to move in and experience that as well. 

We are leaving tomorrow for Arkansas and will be there a week.  We have many things there to get done on our new house.  We will try to keep you up to date with everything that is going on.  Thank you for all your prayers for us during all this transition.


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