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House in Arkansas May 31, 2007

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I am posting some pictures of our house in North Little Rock.  Yes, North Little Rock is its own town.  It is seperated from Little Rock by the Arkansas River.  It is all right there together.  When we say we are moving to NLR people get a little confused.  If you ever send us mail, you will have to put North Little Rock as the city.  We are close to listing our house.  Should be listed by Friday.  It is sad that we have done all this work on our house we are moving out of.  We should have done it while we lived here and been here to enjoy it.  Oh well, hopefully all we have done will get our house sold quicker and for more money than if we sold it as is.  Enjoy the pictures!

Shore Point front

In Arkansas, you just throw your trash on the lawn…

Shore Point bedroom 

Under Construction…

Shore Point sunroom 


Shore Point backyard



2 Responses to “House in Arkansas”

  1. Becca Says:

    What an awesome back yard!!

  2. ruth Says:

    I do plan on stopping by on the way to Hot Springs. I will call first. Karl had head shots for the group is was in years ago around that lake. That was along time ago.

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