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PODS May 9, 2007

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In the process of getting the house ready to sell, we decided we needed to get some of our stuff (or junk) out of our house. We looked into renting a storage building and then I came up with the idea of having a POD (portable on demand storage). The PODS people will deliver this thing to your house and you can fill it at your convenience. Well, one Saturday morning our POD came. They delivered it at 6:30 in the morning. Which, those of you who know me well know that I usually do not get up until at least 10:00. Later that morning I got up and went to take a look at my wonderful idea and thought “this won’t take us very long to fill”. Well, a week later we were still trying to fill our POD. The thing just kept growing and growing. Monday was our deadline for them to pick up our POD. We decided we had had it long enough. We worked all day Saturday. Got up and went to church on Sunday and came home and worked. I have never filled so many boxes in all my life (or at least since the last time we moved). Tom kept saying “I need more boxes!” Finally at 2:30am, I had enough. The POD still wasn’t full but I had to get some sleep. I had to go to work on Monday morning. So, I left Tom to finish. He finally came to bed at 4:00am. The POD still wasn’t completely full, but he deemed it full enough. I determined Tom is an excellent packer of a POD. I think he could have gotten our whole house in that thing. But at last, Monday morning came and they came to get the POD. This time they showed up at 6:45am. They were not supposed to come until at least 8:30am. It is a great relief to get all that stuff out of our house. Although at the time, I was not so happy about it at all. I was cursing the POD and kicking myself for my brilliant idea. Now, I just have to get my house back in order, finish some some painting, and then we will be ready to get our house on the market. I love my house and it is sad to see all of my stuff that made my house a home be pack up. All my family pictures are off the walls. The nic nacs are in boxes. It is easier on me to sell my house when “my” stuff is not all over the place. I just pray that the next family that moves in here will love it as much as I did. We have a great neighborhood and great neighbors. I pray all of my precious stuff makes it to Arkansas. Tom came up the stairs as the POD was leaving and commented on the man’s driving skills (or lack of skills). So this is the next chapter of our moving adventures. Tom is in AR now and the kids and I will go this weekend to look at schools and get house stuff done. Until next time…


3 Responses to “PODS”

  1. Dori Says:

    Funny, funny POD story, Michale! I wondered if the things really worked. We didn’t do PODS when we moved to Spring Hill, but after hearing of your POD success I wish we had!!

    By the way — got time to fix a bracelet before you leave for Arkansas??? 🙂 If not, no worries. I’ll be in Smyrna sometime next week and could run it by. Let me know!


  2. Becca Says:

    I know you have lots of time, but I tagged you. Read my blog and participate if you can!

  3. ruth Says:

    Seeing you cry Wednesday night made it seem real that you guys are moving. I did not like the reality check at all.

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