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Moving On April 30, 2007

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Well, most of you know by now that we are moving to Arkansas.  This is all so bittersweet for us.  We have been here for 10 years and love Middle Tn.  We have the best friends in the world and the best church.  We have been so fortunate to be able to send our kids to a fantastic Christian school that they love to go to.  Needless to say we love it here.  This has been home to us for the past 10 yrs.  Some of you are asking why on earth would you leave such a wonderful place?  Well, we are starting a new chapter in our lives.  One that God has called us to.  We know that God’s will for our lives is for us to move to Arkansas.  He is taking us out of our comfort zone and into new territories.  There are many great things in Arkansas (I know many of you find that hard to believe).  We are moving closer to family, in fact we will be right next door to Tom’s parents.  Now, I have the most wonderful mother-in-law and it will be a joy to be so close.  We are going to be living in a house that Tom’s Aunt and Uncle built in the 1960’s.  It is beautiful and a house that we would never be able to afford at this time of our lives.  It is being remodeled.  It has a brand new kitchen, a new master bedroom and bathroom, office for Tom, and all the bathrooms will be redone.  Right now the bathrooms are pink!! Like pepto bismol pink.  They even have pink toilets.  Thomas is thrilled that he will not have to use that pink bathroom.  Tom will be in running a family business and will be working from home.  I will not have to work.  The house is in a beautiful neighborhood and backs up to a lake.  We are being blessed in so many ways, I can’t even name them all here.  Tom has always wanted to have his own business and now his dream is coming true.  He is so excited.  The kids are doing okay with all of this.  It will be hard, but I tell them all the time that this is God’s will and His will is never bad.  It is always great.  Thomas is taking it the hardest.  He’s 13 and that should just about say it.  Please pray especially for the kids that they will make friends quick and easy.  We are in the process of looking for a school for them.  We will go Mother’s Day weekend and tour some schools with the kids.  The hardest part of all of this will be leaving all of our friends.  If you read my last post you know how we feel about our friends.  I just pray we can find friends like that there.  I know they can not be as good as the ones we have here though. 

Now we are in process of getting our house ready to sell.  It is an under taking.  When you have lived in the same house for 10 years you accumulate alot of stuff.  We are trying to declutter and do a few things that will help the house sell better.  Our goal is to move in July, after Thomas and Lizzie get back from camp.  Tom will already be there, he will probably move in a couple of weeks.  We will go when school is out to help get our new house ready and be back here in mid June for 2 weeks. So, if any of you know anyone looking for a three bedroom, 2 1/2 bath house in a great neighborhood let us know.  We will keep you up to date as things progress.  We are putting the house on the market next week and we still have alot to do.  I did get a break today.  I did not have to go to work because I have pink eye and am still contagious, so I am working hard today packing stuff up and cleaning out.  All thanks to a boy who was in my office last week with pink eye.  Now I just pray I have not given it to anyone in my family