Down the Halls

Come down the Hall with Tom, Michale, Thomas, Lizzie, And Emma Grace

OSG April 14, 2007

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This past weekend we spent Easter afternoon with our very good friends.  Many years ago we termed ourselves “The Original Smallgroup” – hence OSG.  We were a small group before there were “small groups.”  These friends are like our familysince none of us have family here in town.  We moved here almost 10 years ago and I thought we would never have friends like we had where we came from.  But we do and we are so grateful for their friendships.  Our children are good friends as well.  These are the kind of friends that have seen you at your worst, seen your house as a disaster area, and yet still want to be a part of your life.  Recently, Tom lost both of his grandparents within 12 days of each other and immediately we were surrounded by prayers, food, gas cards, and in the end they gave us this awesome “Faith” print to help us always remember Neelie and Bobo.  Not that we needed any of these “things” to know what wonderful friends we have.  Thanks to all of you.  We love you!  Some have come and gone from the OSG, but we know no matter what we will always be friends.  We will be there for each other whether we are near or far.  If I could figure out how to post pictures I would post the pictures we took of the day, but I haven’t got quite that good yet.

On another note, please continue to pray for the Olerud family.  As most of you know Rachel died this morning.  Please pray for her friends as well.  Lizzie is the same age as Rachel.  When you are twelve nothing is supposed to happen to you.  Now they have lost a friend their own age.  I look at her and do not know what I would do without her, Thomas, or Emma Grace.  Hold your children a little longer tonight and thank the Lord they are safe and healthy.


2 Responses to “OSG”

  1. I saw saw some pictures on Becca’s blog from your OSG afternoon. Wish we could’ve been there to hang out with the OSG friends! It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 4 years since we moved away. We’re still searching for our group of close friends here. It’s hard to match what we had there in Smyrna!

    I read the link from Becca’s blog about Rachel. What a tough thing for that family to go through. I can’t imagine losing one of my girls. You don’t think about things like happening to families you know, much less friends of your own child. What a hard lesson for Lizzie to learn/understand at such a young age. (I still remember her as Elizabeth – not Lizzie, so I have to work at typing Lizzie!)

  2. Laura Knight Says:

    We had a great time Easter afternoon as well. I’ve got pictures too, but they haven’t been posted yet. Words can’t say how thankful we are for friends like you and your family. Your post is especially poignant in light of all that is going on in your life. We continue to pray for you and we love you all!

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