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Hold on Tight March 28, 2007

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The other day I was in the car with my kids and we were on going shopping. I made the comment that the girls would have to stay with me, but Thomas could go to a store by himself (I was just going to be next door). Lizzie didn’t like my answer, she thinks I sometimes group her with Emma and treat her too young. I then explained to her that Thomas “looks” older than he is and I didn’t think I had to worry as much about someone trying to hurt or take off with him. I told her young girls were more likely targets of that sort of thing. I sometimes struggle with how much freedom to give my children. I don’t want to shelter them, but I don’t want them to be harmed in any way either. Thomas and Lizzie are always telling me that their friends get to do stuff that I won’t let them do. How often did I say that to my parents?

Well, a few days later Lizzie stayed the night at a friend’s house. She has been there many times before and I completely trust this family. They live in a very nice neighborhood that is sort of a gated community(there is a fence that goes all around the subdivision). The type of place where you think nothing could happen. The girls were playing outside in a creek that runs through this neighborhood a little ways form the house. They noticed these two guys going door to door (this neighborhood has no solicitation) and they started to go home. The guys were between them and the house so they ducked in the woods to try to get home. The two guys started to follow them into the woods. The girls got scared and finally found their way home by crawling under fences and going into neighboring subdivisions. Every time the two guys saw them they would hide behind bushes and trees. Needless to say by the time they got home they were pretty shaken up. The mom decided to call the police (the neighborhood watch had already called). The girls had to make a statement and the guys were picked up. No charges could be pressed because they didn’t really do anything wrong. They were however taken to the station. Hopefully that scared them enough. I know God was in control of the whole situation and I am so grateful that no harm came to Lizzie.

I am so thankful that my children are bathed in prayer daily. Not only do Tom and I pray for our children, but I know both my parents and Tom’s parents daily pray for my children. They couldn’t ask for better grandparents. I so believe in the power of prayer. Now I have a choice. Do I continue to let her have some freedom or do I worry about her all the time and not let her have any freedom. I know I have to find that balance. She is growing into a Godly young lady and I want her to be well equipped when she is on her own. So for now, I might hold on a little tighter and watch a little closer and be a little more careful, and know no matter what God is in control of all my kids lives. So, I trust Him to take care of all of us. Tonight I thank God for each of my children and for the blessings each of them bring to our family.


Spring Cleaning March 20, 2007

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Okay, so almost everyone I know is now blogging and tells me what fun it is. So here is my attempt at the blogging world. I have no earthly idea what I am doing so everyone will have to bare with me.

Tomorrow is the first day of spring and I love spring! Today spring cleaning has hit the Hall house. I woke up and decided to today would be as good a day as ever to do those things I never really want to do or have the time to do. How did all that stuff get under my refrigerator? Well, I feel a little better about my house. The living room and kitchen got cleaned really well and maybe tomorrow I will get to the rest of the downstairs done. I cleaned the mini blinds, vacuumed the baseboards, and all those tasks we tend to look away from when we clean. That is my goal this week, to get the downstairs cleaned really well. The upstairs will probably have to wait until another time. The kids and I are headed to Atlanta on Thursday with Tom’s parents to go to the Aquarium and to see FBC Atlanta’s Passion Play. Tom’s aunt directs the Passion Play and we haven’t seen it in several years. Tom is in Utah at a Novell Conference so he won’t be with us on this trip. Maybe my cleaning frenzy has something to do with the fact that my in-laws are coming to town or I always do some great undertaking when Tom’s out of town. Anyway it is always refreshing to have a clean house.

Well here is my first post. I hope I did okay. I have no earthly idea how any of you are going to read this but hopefully someone can get to it. (if I send it to Alison I know all of you will see it on her blog)


Hello world! March 19, 2007

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